About me

I use visual tools to tell stories, create social value and to make a living by making a difference.

You can't depend on your eyes, when your imagination is out of focus (Mark Twain)

I founded Cristian Ioan Visuals to keep telling stories to those who love hearing the voice of images. Cultivating a business identity for my work as a visual artist allows me to engage professionally with my clients to deliver videos, photographs and other visual products that helps them showcase their values through images that speak for themselves.
Being a young self-taught professional prepared me to embrace challenges with an open mind. Commended visual artist with a strong expertise in media production, I rely on teamwork, communication and creativity to frame inspiring stories along with my partners.


“Critical of his own work, a skilled and receptive professional, Cristian Ioan is someone you will want to meet personally after seeing some of his work. Invite him to your event, hand over to him an important project you are fond of, or just invite him over a cup of tea to see how does an interesting man such as him see the world beyond his camera.” (Maria C.)
“I worked with Cristi on a branding project and came to know him as a reliable team player. Our enjoyable working relationship lead to a strong connection, based on open dialogue and cooperation. Along with his proven talent in film production and technical skills, Cristi used his sound judgment to make clear decisions and deliver a final product in a timely manner. His professional superpowers moved the project further and due to his pro-activeness, we managed to successfully reach our objectives. As a dedicated and all-around great character, I know that he would make a tremendous addition to any team.” (Cosmin S.)


Communication Skills85%


Time Management89%