I came up with the series "Superheroes" through my needs to understand how strong some people are. "Superheroes - Trembling" is the first movie in the "Superheroes" series and I would like to show that a lot of people are creating problems superficially. "Trembling" is an example of a lady who suffered all her life because of her husband who treated her aggressively by beating her. After all this fights, her body didn't resisted anymore and she was diagnosed with Parkinson and Glaucoma diseases. After more than 10 years in torment, she accepted to make "the movie of her life" and to recap the most part of the life she had. Sadly she died in March 2017, just six months after the authorities decided to cut the medication treatment for Parkinson disease. She was forced to find alternative medication and unfortunately her body did not accepted the new treatment.

I came up with this idea after all my thought about problems and death. I realised that every step of my life will have it's problems and I was really curious how old people can manage this. I work as an anthropologist, photographer and video producer in the city of Bucharest, Romania. I am interested in social topics and if anyone have ideas about what I can do next (not necessarily related with the topic of this movie) can contact me via my personal website.

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Film Director & Concept: Cristian Ioan

Story & Protagonist: Ecaterina Ioan

Editing: Cristian Ioan

Location: Ploiești, Romania

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